Monday, 31 March 2014


I was at the back of the line when I heard a voice. I followed it then I fell down a trap and hit my head. I got knocked out then everything went blank… when I awoke I was tied to a stick  over  a roaring fire with little masked  people dancing around  me.

They were trying to cook me!!! I was in shock.
They had my backpack, I thought I would die like this. What a horrible way to die. Suddenly they started scattering around  and the fire went out the rope sliced in half I fell on the burning coals I got off them as fast as I could. I screamed.

I got up and ran to a river and jumped in. It stung so much I wanted to get out but I pushed myself to stay. I was lucky I got of the coals so fast. Then I wondered what made the people go away and what made the fire go out and the rope cut. Oh well. I guess I’ll never find out who or what did it. I ran back to where my bag was then I  got it. I  tried to find out where I was by looking around me…” I’m lost” I said to myself.” Well I better get moving” I started walking. Suddenly I  tripped over a root and stumbled to the ground and rolled into a pit of quicksand. I started sinking faster and faster then a rope fell down I started climbing it. When I got up there was someone waiting for me he looked like robin hood without the bow. “Follow me” he said with a deep voice.

To be continued...

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