Friday, 29 August 2014

Music Homwork

This week for homework we had to find a piece of music and answer these questions below
Who the artist is? 2CELLOS
The emotions and feelings we get while listening. taping and moving my fingers and hands
Style of music.celloey
Lyrics (if there are any.)
Main instruments. Cellos
The images and pictures that are created in your head. plotting an evil plan
here is the link

Friday, 22 August 2014

My Art

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on 1 point prospective art. I was very fun but also frustrating. First we had to draw a big * then we drew the path then the trees then the buildings then the sun then all the extras like the clouds, signs gulls etc. after then we had to draw over it with pilot pen then we water painted them. This is my art.

Tempest conversashon between Caliban and Prospero

This is my Tempest conversation between Caliban and Prospero

Get me my food Caliban,” said Prospero
“You get me my food because I'm the real king of this island!”said Caliban.
Prospero was furious. “You ungrateful monster,” shouted Prospero!!!
“FINE!!!,” said Caliban rolling his eyes.
“While you're at it get me my cloak!”
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! this is. MY island. MY food. MY trees. MY sea!”
“How dare you insult me like that!” Said Prospero shocked.
Caliban suddenly got frightened “S-s-s-sorry m-m-m-master” Said Caliban shakily .